David Ford – Songs For The Road

专辑名称:Songs For The Road
歌手姓名:David Ford

歌手不熟悉 但真的是一张很不错的独立唱片
说是独立唱片 实际上还蛮主流的 很好听的一张砖
还有 我一直都有听专辑前从封套找感觉的习惯 这个封套很喜欢
躲在黑暗角落的一个低调的男人 我这么觉得
新专辑将于10月15日发行 你可以先收了这张 觉得好听 到时候再换正式版


Strident, resistant and ceaselessly melodic, Songs For The Road is the second album from David Ford, available in the UK for download from August 6th and on physical CD from October 15th.

The triumphant swell of Songs For The Road is cut from the breadth of David’s encounters during his extensive tours through the USA, Australia and Canada during 2006.

Following the acclaimed release of his debut album I Sincerely Apologise For The Trouble I Have Caused in the UK, Ford spent much of 2006 in the U.S where it was met with an amazing reception. Stunning reviews ran in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the LA Times and the Toronto Star and Ford found himself championed by NBC’s Carson Daly on whose ‘coast to coast’ show he appeared three times.

“Simultaneously lacerating and tender” **** Q “One foot in David Gray’s camp and one in Kurt Cobain’s… in between is a life lived.” WORD “Continues to show how this “sensitive singer songwriter” thing should really be done” – SUNDAY TIMES “as full of romantic doom as anything you’ll hear this year. One to watch.” UNCUT “like a hurricane in a nursery” TORONTO STAR “doesn’t get any grander than this” NEW YORK TIMES “after the first song we mumbled, “is this for real…?” It was simply mesmerizing” TRIPWIRE


01. Go To Hell
02. Decimate
03. I’m Alright Now
04. Song For The Road
05. Train
06. St. Peter
07. Nobody Tells Me What To Do
08. Requiem
09. … And So You Fell