Andy Davis – Let The Woman

Andy Davis - Let The Woman

专辑名称:Let The Woman
专辑歌手:Andy Davis

这张是某论坛的独家资源,0day没出 发行日期是07年11月份 距离现在已经一年多了
不知道为什么发布者到现在才拿出来分享 刚在网上仔细搜了下 除了他的my space和官方 基本没有他的资料
Andy Davis是来自美国的歌手 这张专辑的风格以Acoustic为主 此人无论声音还是风格都和Jason Mraz有几分类似
专辑主要以吉他和钢琴为主轴 听这张专辑有在酒吧听Live的感觉 不是那种演唱会的现场感 是舒适的陶醉
这也是Acoustic专辑最吸引人的地方 Aamzon上的下载版本卖接近9美元 CD专辑卖28美元多 不知道为什么这么贵
所以我也就不管他什么独家不独家了 喜欢就拿出来和大家分享下 相信我不发也会有人发布出来的
这两天发现了好几把好声音 值得庆祝一下 这张的喜欢成都不及Civalias那张EP 不过还是四星推荐

About Andy Davis

Alternative pop songster Andy Davis returns this fall with his piano and soaring falsetto for his first full-band LP. Recorded in 10 days in Los Angeles with legendary producer Mitchell Froom (Sheryl Crow, Los Lobos, Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Randy Newman), “Let The Woman” is a collection of songs that separates Davis from the crowd.

Earning comparisons from Ben Folds to Paul Simon to Badly Drawn Boy, as well as the classic story-centered songwriting of Billy Joel, this Nashville-based 25-year-old embraces a range of times, influences and genres, his distinctive melodies and infectious layered vocals anchored by personal yet universal lyrics.

Andy has recently signed a deal with bigHelium records and Barnes & Noble, who will exclusively release and promote “Let The Woman” this fall in their more than 700 stores located throughout the United States.

Look for Andy Davis on tour through the fall and winter, and pick up a copy of “Let The Woman” — on sale from 11/06/07 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and at


1. Earth & Venus
2. Believable Doubt
3. Let the Woman
4. Our Love is Not Their Business
5. Brown Eyes
6. Spade a Spade
7. Good Life
8. Beautiful Day for Bad News
9. Black Keys
10. Union & 3rd

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