Avril Lavigne – I Will Be

专辑名称:The Best Damn Thing (Bonus Track)
曲目名称:I Will Be
歌手姓名:Avril Lavigne
发行日期:April 17,2007
专辑流派:POP Rock

在itunes预购Avril的新专辑《The Best Damn Thing》
就会赠送这首Bonus Track《I Will Be》
是首慢板的抒情摇滚,偏Pop 个人还是喜欢Avril唱这样的歌
旋律不错 也不缺乏力度


[ar:Avril Lavigne]
[ti:i will be]
[al:the best damn thing]

[00:01.23]There’s nothin’ I could say to you
[00:06.15]Nothin’ I could ever do to make you see
[00:09.32]What you mean to me
[00:16.11]All the pain, the tears I cried
[00:19.05]Still, you never said good-bye
[00:22.01]And now I know
[00:24.86]How far you’d go
[00:30.21]I know I let you down
[00:30.54]But it’s not like that now
[00:37.00]This time I’ll never let you go
[00:43.23][01:53.22][03:23.03]I will be all that you want
[00:49.36][01:57.71][03:03.89][03:29.26]And get myself together
[00:52.31][02:02.64][03:06.62][03:32.21]’Cause you keep me from falling apart
[00:55.92][02:06.57][03:10.37]All my life
[00:59.09][02:09.31][03:13.40]I’ll be with you forever
[01:02.15][02:12.47][03:16.79][03:42.39]To get you through the day
[01:05.54][02:15.65][03:19.64]And make everything okay
[01:13.75]I thought that I had everything
[01:16.48]I didn’t know what life could bring
[01:19.45]But now I see
[01:26.43]You’re the one thing I got right
[01:29.61]The only one I let inside
[01:32.22]Now I can breathe
[01:35.20]’Cause you’re here with me
[01:40.65]And if I let you down
[01:43.93]I’ll turn it all around
[01:47.11]’Cause I will never let you go
[02:17.94]’Cause without you
[02:18.94]I can’t sleep
[02:20.57]I’m not gonna ever, ever let you leave
[02:23.75]You’re all I got
[02:25.18]You’re all I want
[02:32.06]And without you I don’t know what I’d do
[02:33.47]I could never ever live a day without you here
[02:37.97]With me
[02:39.61]Do you see?
[02:40.81]You’re all I need
[02:56.23]and I will be all that you want
[03:35.98]And All my life
[03:39.11]You know i’ll be with you forever
[03:45.34]And make ev