Bertolf – For Live

Bertolf - For Live
专辑名称:For Life

Betolf来自荷兰 曾经是”The Junes”乐队的成员
这个乐队由于在歌唱比赛中翻唱John Lennon 的”Grow old with me”一曲赢得了比赛
之后Betolf单飞 从去年6月开始准备个人专辑 并在11月发行了首张个人单曲”Another Day”
这是他在1月9号发行的首张个人专辑《For Life》风格是流行偏英伦摇滚为主
也有几首比较安静偏乡村民谣的小品作品 声音粘粘的 很有磁性 算比较入耳的一张
个人最中意的是第11首《Don’t Wanna Lose You Yet》编曲简单的吉他小品一直是我的最爱
专辑封面太小 上面的图是简介中提到的在11月发行的单曲《Another Day》的封面
压缩包里有专辑封面 看自己的喜好决定用哪张帖tag好了


Bertolf Lentink is another Dutch musician who has been in the music business for quite a while. He has been playing with Ilse DeLange untill june this year, and before that be played in the band “The Junes”.

With this band he joined the John Lennon Amnesty International Contest, and with their cover of the John Lennon song “Grow old with me” they won the contest. He has been working on his own album since june and in november the first single called “Another Day” was released. His debut album called “For Life” will be released at 9 january 2009.


1. Back Of Her Head
2. Another Day
3. Feel You
4. All In The Letter
5. For Life
6. The Way I Love You Now
7. Not Bringing Me Down
8. Monogamy (Is On It’s Way Out)
9. Broken Beyond Repair
10. Mr. Light
11. Don’t Wanna Lose You Yet
12. Home

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