Bobby Bazini – Better In Time

Bobby Bazini - Better In Time

专辑名称:Better In Time
歌手姓名:Bobby Bazini
公司厂牌:Mungo Park Records

刚说了今天要给大家推荐沧桑声音的几张专辑 这张《Better In Time》来自加拿大的新人歌手 Bobby Bazini
是我在iTunes上看封面凭感觉下载的 果然很喜欢 是在民谣风格中融入Jazz唱腔的风格 近年来这样的歌手不少
Bobby Bazini出生在加拿大一个不知名的小镇 从小接触音乐 16岁开始受到众多灵魂歌手的影响 对他如今的音乐风格有很大的影响
迄今他已发行了两首单曲和一张EP 所有曲目均收录在这张全长专辑中 听这张专辑 你也许会联想到John Mayer
真的有惊人的相似之处 音乐简单随性很耐听 长着一张年轻俊朗的脸 只是声音更沙哑
但这样的沙哑不会让你觉得沉重或忧伤 更多的是一种慵懒暧昧的像巧克力一样的柔滑氛围
欧美专辑实在太多 有时候相信直觉真的很好 这张确实是个很大的惊喜 请关注他的后续发展 iTunes Plus版本

Canadian singer songwriter Bobby Bazini was born in Mont-Laurier, a small peaceful, sleepy woodsy town north of Montreal. Bazini grew up in a tuneful environment there. Mountainous landscapes, with beautiful green pastures coupled with the fact that he was indeed in a music family; his dad, a guitarist singer and mom the vocalist of the family, country music was on the menu every night in the Bazini household.

Awestruck by songs at such a young age and far from the distractions of the big city, Bazini, with the help of dad, took up guitar playing and singing. His world was unexpectedly struck by the news of his parents’ sudden divorce. This was a painful time for the young man. While at his grandmother’s house one day, he discovered the music that would change his world and fill his heart, a full collection of Johnny Cash vinyls. He quickly started writing his own songs. This along with the rural setting became the canvas of his music.

At age 16, his influences turned to Soul music as he discovered artists like; Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Ben E. King. Through all this, the artist that was still the most comforting remained Johnny Cash. He could identify with this man.

Ready and excited to finally introduce his work, he starts performing at local venues around town. People immediately took notice and gravitated towards him. His voice, his unique tone and delivery along with his compositional style immediately touched all that witnessed it. The contradiction between such an old soul in such a young man’s body amazed everyone. His deep dark voice just did not match this thin good looking young boy. In 2006 he quickly received invitations to festivals and shows. In a chance meeting, a radio station from his home town was so impressed with Bobby that he sent one of his new songs to a manager in Montreal.
The song ¨I Wonder¨ gets discovered!


01. Turn Me On 3:23
02. Learn Again 4:48
03. Mellow Mood 2:51
04. I Wonder 3:43
05. Morning Comes 3:02
06. Better In Time 2:56
07. Oh Katy 3:22
08. Broken Road 4:10
09. Freaky 3:02
10. One Thing Or Two 2:55
11. Feels Like Home 4:54
12. Believe 3:03

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