Bon Jovi – Lost Highway(Retail)

专辑名称:Lost Highway(Retail)
歌手姓名:Bon Jovi
唱片公司:Mercury Nashville
发行日期:June 19, 2007
专辑流派:Hard Rock/Country

继上一张专辑《Have A Nice Day》在全球狂卖450万张后
终于宣布2007最新专辑《Lost Highway》即将推出,为今年西洋乐坛投下了一颗震撼弹
此次更新为正式版本 比之前的先行版少了两首歌 CD音质
专辑风格怎么把重摇滚和乡村放在一起 不明白!


      Given the chart success of their Grammy-winning country single “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” it’s no surprise Bon Jovi upped the ante by recording an entire album paying homage to Nashville. In some ways, it’s amazing they didn’t do this sooner, given the way Keith Urban in particular is blurring country-pop lines, much as Garth Brooks and others did in the 1990s. To their credit, you won’t find predictably shallow invocations of past country icons or any self-conscious, in-your-face down-home twang added strictly to remind the listener of the musical premise. In fact, Lost Highway isn’t “Bon Jovi goes country” so much as a meaningful tribute to the Nashville ethos done on their own terms. They honor the spirit of the town through 12 simple, direct originals. The intimate, smoldering “(You Want To) Make a Memory,” the ballad “Seat Next To You,” “Lost Highway” and its roaring celebration of freedom, and “Stranger,” an effective duet with LeAnn Rimes, all invoke country’s spirit, and “I Love This Town,” an eloquent nod to Nashville itself, ties it together admirably.