Bryan Rice – Good News

专辑名称:Good News
歌手姓名:Bryan Rice
唱片公司:Sony Bmg
发行日期:October 8, 2007

这个是来自丹麦的创作歌手Bryan Rice的新专辑
丹麦的歌手我只认识几个 Aque C21 Joey Moe Natasha
他们共同的特点就是: 都是一等一的好声音
和下面那张的风格一样 也是Pop偏Rock 只是这一张更加大众化 更偏流行一点
声音自然不用多说 旋律也很棒 推荐《Those Who Love Us The Most》
钢琴配上那么磁性的声音 很和谐 相当喜欢
Shanye Ward去年唱红全英的那首《No Promises》就是翻唱他的作品


To live up to Bryan’s own expectations a really powerful line-up has been set up around him. The recordings of the second album are led by Remee and the Swedish super producer Harry Sommerdahl. Just like on Bryan’s first album he has had a big impact on the second album. ”From the first time we met Harry and I had really good chemistry between us and I am one hundred percent behind his work. The fact that he is singer himself is a great advantage and makes it very rewarding working with him.” Harry Sommerdahl has also – in collaboration with Hanne Soorvag – written the new first single ”I Lied” from the up-coming album entitled ”Good News”.

Bryan Rice has written a part of the songs on the new album together with other song writers. To him it has been a natural development to explore new areas of his artistic universe. The inspiration comes from observing the little things and every-day events. ”I saw a small sticker in my neighborhood saying: I am leaving now and I am not turning around, ′cause you are there… That inspired my to write a song for the new album; it′s the whole process that such a small incident or a quaint story can turn into a finished song that fascinates me about song writing.”

The new album features a more rock-influenced version of Bryan Rice. He explores new aspects of his voice without compromising with the refined pop-sound that has been so successful the past two years. It is still the catchy tunes, the moving lyrics and Bryan′s amazing voice that form the basis – exactly the combination that has filled both reviews and audience – in Denmark and abroad – with enthusiasm.

Many people predict that Bryan Rice will be the Danish guiding star that leads the way into a new magnificent pop-age. With the coming album the dream of breaking through as an internationally recognized artist really seems to come true.

The new first single ”I Lied” hits the radio on April 23rd and is followed by Bryans second album ”Good News” – in the stores this fall!


01. Here I Am
02. A Call For Help
03. I Lied
04. Good News
05. Sleeping Satellite
06. Those Who Love Us The Most
07. This Is For You
08. Everywhere You’ll Be
09. Just Walk Away
10. Simply Complicated
11. We’re Not