Cedars Gray – Cedars Gray

Cedars Gray - Cedars Gray

乐队名称:Cedars Gray
专辑名称:Cedars Gray

Cedars Gray是来自美国的一个兄妹三人组合 风格是很舒服的Country Soul
三人没有明确分工 不同的歌曲分别由三人演唱 另外两人则适时的作为合声出现
歌曲时而轻快闲适 时而温暖深情 写的都是些生活中的平常事 关于爱情 关于生活
其中这个女声有一副非常适合唱Jazz的好声音 很有辨识度 让人印象很深
近期听的比较多的一张英文专辑 用音乐表达心声的音乐家庭 总让人听音乐的时候多一份温馨的感觉
最爱第八首《If You Ask Me to》专辑中最长的一首 典型的旋律优美的Country Music 副歌的合声太赞了


Chris, Brandi, and Brian Authement, the two brothers and sister that are Cedars Gray, were born in South Louisiana and moved with their parents to Birmingham, Alabama 15 years ago. Music has always been a part of who they are, from their Cajun roots to their church roots – and to singing and playing music whenever they could – they have always known their happiness and fulfillment would be entwined with the music in their soul.Their first release, an Inspirational self-titled CD, shows they know how to flex their creative muscle, blending soul, jazz, contemporary,and Inspirational music with lyrics straight out of the pages of their lives. With six original songs written by Chris, this first album introduces you to three individual, three different, yet somehow three perfectly blended voices that tell a story you will want to hear overand over again. The result of a family determined to live a dream,Cedars Gray is a culmination of hard work, self determination, talent,and most of all, God’s blessing.


01. Stumblin'(3:43)
02. How Strong He is (4:40)
03. My God (4:45)
04. Riverline (3:28)
05. Always Wondering (4:59)
06. Write About Rain (5:07)
07. You Don’t Have to Move that Mountain (2:50)
08. If You Ask Me to (5:53)
09. Mama Said Don’t Go (3:54)
10. Movin’ on Up (the Jeffersons) (2:35)

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