Emilie Autumn – Laced Unlaced

专辑名称:Laced Unlaced
歌手姓名:Emilie Autumn
发行日期:April 13, 2007

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EMILIE AUTUMN在”Opheliac”成功后不久,又带着她的最近的作品回来了,这个新作叫”Laced / Unlaced”,是一部双碟新砖,来自她的”The Asylum”录音室,然而这部作品记录的并不是她的声音,而是她的提琴技艺。

A碟,叫做”Laced,”记录了她过去世界范围发行的 EMILIE AUTUMN中西有的少年古典提琴曲目,包括的作品有 Corelli, Bach,还有EMILIE AUTUMN自己原创的,而这些都是出自曾经在和lute, harpsichord, and baroque cello accompaniment的乐器表演时期。

B碟,叫做”Unlaced,”展示的则是她的未来,采用的乐器的电提琴,Yngwie-meets-Paganini(帕格尼尼) 的激昂风格。写于”Victoriandustrial”,其中满载着大键琴哥特风格的”Opheliac”又带着一丝金属。”Laced / Unlaced” 向我们展示的是她从一个少年古典提琴手向一个哥特金属/工业提琴女王的蜕变,同时跟随着她那涂着黑色指甲油的手指的轻弹,我们也被深深吸引到EMILIE AUTUMN那神奇的世界。

English Version

Just barely a breath after the worldwide success of “Opheliac”, EMILIE AUTUMN emerges yet again from her studio she calls “The Asylum” with her latest work, “Laced / Unlaced”, a Double Disc set featuring, no, not her voice, but her violin skills.

Disc 1, “Laced,” represents her past, containing the worldwide release of EMILIE AUTUMN’s rare teenage classical violin recordings including works by Corelli, Bach, and EMILIE AUTUMN’s originals, all performed on period instruments with lute, harpsichord, and baroque cello accompaniment.

Disc 2, “Unlaced,” represents her future, in an electric-violin, Yngwie-meets-Paganini-styled romp. Written in the “Victoriandustrial”, harpsichord-laden Gothic style of “Opheliac” but with a metal edge, “Laced / Unlaced” shows the evolution from child prodigy classical violinist to reigning queen of metal Gothic / Industrial violin, and beckons us ever deeper into EMILIE AUTUMN’s strange world with a flick of her black-nail-polished fingers.


Disc 1: “LACED” (baroque violin)

01. Corelli – La Folia
02. Ortiz – Recercada
03. Bach – Largo
04. Bach – Allegro
05. Leclair – Adagio
06. Leclair – Tambourin
07. Emilie Autumn – Willow
08. Emilie Autumn – Revelry
09. Emilie Autumn – On A Day…

PLUS! BONUS TRACKS: Over 40 minutes of EA’s never-before-heard live concert recordings!

10. Bonus: Mystery Track 1
11. Bonus: Mystery Track 2
12. Bonus: Mystery Track 3
13. Bonus: Mystery Track 4
14. Bonus: Mystery Track 5

Disc 2: “UNLACED” (electric violin)

01. Unlaced
02. Manic Depression
03. Leech Jar
04. A Strange Device
05. A Cure
06. Syringe
07. Cold
08. Face The Wall (listen)

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