Espen Lind – Army of one


20080629 Espan Lind – Army Of One

专辑名称:Army of one
歌手姓名:Espen Lind

从现在开始会很闲 所以有更多的时间在这里更新 天气热了 唱片市场也要开始爆发了
好久没发英文砖了 今天先推荐大家一张Pop 其实这张说Pop不如说Folk更合适
这个男人来自挪威 整张的音乐和那里的环境一样 清新闲适 配器以吉他和钢琴为主 很简单
声音不是那种沧桑低沉的型 是那种干净清新也富有磁性的 这应该是一张能让你摆脱浮躁变的轻松的好唱片
最喜欢的是第五首歌 Scared Of Heights 很轻快 副歌部分的假声让人有飘起来的感觉 很舒服
歌曲都不是很长 所以档案也不是很大 音质还是不错的 推荐大家听听 大夏天听这样清爽的东西很合适的


Espen Lind (born May 13, 1971) is a Norwegian songwriter, producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Espen Lind released his first solo album, Mmm…Prepare To Be Swayed, in 1995 under the moniker Sway. Only released in Norway, it received mixed reviews and sold around 5,000 copies. His commercial breakthrough came in 1997 with the single “When Susannah Cries” which was a hit in several European and Latin American countries, including Norway where it was number 1 for six weeks. His sophomore album Red went on to sell more than 100,000 copies in Norway, and 350,000 copies worldwide, earning Lind three awards at the 1998 Norwegian Grammys (Spellemannprisen) including Artist of the Year.

Possibly it is a reaction to his daily work as a song writer and producer in New York, maybe it’s a result of restlessness (which he recognizes as a life long problem) or maybe it’s the pleasure of doing what he wants musically. Certainly at the very least ‘Army Of One’ will remain a landmark in Espens’ career. This autumn he sets out on tour in Norway with his band. Fasten your seatbelts!


01 Sea Of Love
02 Clearly You Are Falling In Love
03 Sweet Love
04 Childhood Fields Of Clover
05 Scared Of Heights
06 Army Of One
07 Hopelessly Happy
08 The Music Takes You There
09 Nightrider
10 I Don’t Let My Heart Be Troubled


  1. 2008/07/09

    scared of heigths这首歌好好听 赞啊 呵呵