For This Cycle – For This Cycle – EP

For This Cycle - For This Cycle - EP

专辑名称:For This Cycle – EP
歌手姓名:For This Cycle
公司厂牌:Big Ear Musica
专辑流派:Indie Pop

For This Cycle是来自新加坡的16岁少年Weiwen Seah的单人独立乐团
这张同名EP 7月11日发行 8月在iTunes上架 朋友推荐我听 一听就喜欢上 简单民谣 很不错
如简介所说 的确是受到Jason Mraz、John Mayer等人的影响 在弹唱民谣的基础上融入Jazz唱腔和摇滚元素
听声音很难相信这是个只有16岁的孩子 也许是从小在不同国家居住的经历给了他灵感
让这张专辑呈现出超龄的成熟老练 但又有符合他年龄的阳光平实的生活记录
五首歌的EP小品 推荐一听 大家可以持续关注他的动向 My Space在这里


Performing under the name “For This Cycle”, Weiwen Seah is a singer/songwriter from the sunny of island Singapore. Having lived in several different countries of the world, such as Taiwan and the United States, Weiwen has experienced contrasting cultures, in which he draws inspiration from. Being influenced by artistes such as Jason Mraz, Jason Reeves, Teddy Geiger, The Spill Canvas, John Mayer and Josiah Leming, his music is inspired by everyday things. Having a lot more to learn, Weiwen is bent on making music that will leave an impact on his listeners.

Since having returned to the heartland he has played a variety of shows including the On The Waterfront series held at the prestigious Esplanade Outdoor Theater. Weiwen was also featured on Mediacorp’s Live N Loaded on Channel 5, where he was selected to perform under the “Producer’s Pick” category on episode 2, and was voted by the viewers for an encore performance, where he was picked the Best Breakthrough Act. For This Cycle will also be performing at this year’s Baybeats festival, alongside some of Singapore’s best indie bands and many other overseas bands.

Upon his return, the 16 year-old has just recently been signed by local indie label Big Ear Musica and released his debut self-titled EP on the 11th of July 2009.


01. Wishful Thinking
02. Paperfeet
03. Oceans
04. Friday Night Blus
05. For What It’s Worth

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