Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – The Swell Season

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - The Swell Season

专辑名称: The Swell Season
歌手姓名: Glen Hansard Marketa Irglova
专辑类型:Indie Folk

看过电影《Once》的朋友对这两位主角一定不会陌生 07年 这部关于音乐的电影让全世界的影迷为之感动
在电影中 他们用音乐代替语言 他们的从相识到彼此携手的过程 也就是一张专辑诞生的过程
电影中的音乐同爱尔兰的美景与他们的爱情一起 成为了经典《Falling Slowly》也成为了上届奥斯卡的最佳歌曲
从这部电影里 我们看到了独立音乐人对梦想的坚持以及那份最真挚朴实的感动
今天发布的这张专辑 是在《Once》这部电影之前 这两夫妻的一张独立发行的一张专辑
喜欢男人那粗犷沧桑却充满柔情的声音 喜欢女人那叙说式徐徐展开的吟唱
尽管专辑中有几首歌和原声是重叠的 但编曲略有不同
相信喜欢他们和这部电影的朋友 一定很愿意收藏这张专辑
封面是男人 封底是女人 喜欢这张的封套设计 一样的温馨 还多了些可爱


Frames front man Hansard has teamed up with classically trained Czech vocalist and pianist, Irglova to produce this album of affecting songs and compositions. From straight songs to piano instrumentals, “The Swell Season” affords an insight into a whole other side of Glen/The Frames, as well as offering a perfect introduction to this very talented newcomer. The record takes its name from author Josef Skvorecky’s book of the same name. Set in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, the story centers on one man’s love of music and his pursuit of unattainable women as a country comes unglued. Like the book, the record deals with the pains and hopes of those struggling to make sense of their lives.


1. This Low
2. Sleeping
3. Falling Slowly
4. Drown Out
5. Lies
6. When Your Mind’s Made Up
7. The Swell Season
8. Leave
9. The Moon
10. Alone Apart

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