Graham Colton – Here Right Now

专辑名称:Here Right Now
歌手姓名:Graham Colton
唱片公司:Universal Republic Records
发行日期:October 30, 2007
专辑流派:Rock/ Pop

人不熟悉 这只是他的第二张专辑 看到论坛高亮了 于是下下来听了下
之前组过乐队 出过一张专辑叫《Drive》网上可以找到 有兴趣可以找来试试
风格是偏摇滚的流行 低音厚实 高音清亮爆发力十足 很有辨识力
编曲是偏英伦的感觉 这也是我喜欢这张的一个重要原因
既有钢琴衬托下的慢板的抒情摇滚 也有爆发力十足的奋力嘶吼
当然 不会到朋克 金属那样的喧闹 封套拍的也不错
喜欢安静风格的这张直接Pass 爱听英伦 摇滚 流行的 这张还算不错的选择
个人很喜欢专辑中的《New Years Resolution》这首 很考唱功 编曲也很对我的胃口


Singer of Graham Colton Band. He has toured with John Mayer, Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Guster, Kelly Clarkson and released first hit in 2004: “Don’t Give Up On Me.”

Although it took coming back to his roots in all senses, to go forward, he hopes his work on Here Right Now transcends the moments he used as inspiration and reflected upon. “As far as dynamics, there is a great feeling and a quiet sense of confidence that I have done it all by myself,” he says. “My plan is to just kind of let it happen. Ultimately it forces me to connect with what I’m saying every time I strum these songs. I feel that I’ve honed in on what my sound is. Hopefully, it’s a sound that’s all my own.”


01. Telescope
02. You Find A Way
03. Best Days
04. Forget About You
05. On Your Side
06. Cellophane Girl
07. Always In Love
08. If Love Was Enough
09. Whatever Breaks My Heart
10. Take You Back
11. New Years Resolution
12. Let It Go