Greg Laswell – Three Flights From Alto Nido

Greg Laswell - Three Flights From Alto Nido

专辑名称:Three Flights From Alto Nido
歌手姓名:Greg Laswell
唱片公司:Vanguard Records

这张是去年的遗珠专辑 我以为我更新过的 昨天拿出来听的时候搜了下Blog 发现居然没更新 赶紧补上
大家应该记得他在去年年初发行的一张《How The Day Sounds》EP 封套是棵树的那张
从那个时候开始 我就一直在等这张专辑 这张专辑应该是发行一段时间之后影月告诉我 我才去下载
应该是他那边更新了 我误以为自己也传过了罪过 大意了 否则这种靠民谣的摇滚我绝对没理由不更新的
而且这种声音又是我最没抵抗力的磁性男声 虽然是来自圣地亚哥 不过编曲很英伦的感觉
放首试听吧 《And Then You》 下过这张专辑的请直接无视 没下过的建议务必补上…


Greg Laswell is a musician, recording engineer, and producer from San Diego, California. He has released two solo albums, Good Movie and Through Toledo. Through Toledo was picked up by Vanguard Records in 2005 and released nationally. His current release is an EP entitled, “How the Day Sounds.” Recently, Greg’s songs have appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, One Tree Hill, The Hills, Cold Case and other network television programs. He has toured with artists including Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Costa, Sia, Tim O’Reagan of The Jayhawks and Amy Millan of Stars. Laswell has been romantically linked to American popstar Mandy Moore.

Pointing out that alto nido translates from the Spanish as high nest, Laswell explains that Three flights up implies that you re on your way to a high nest, even if you re not quite there yet. Whereas Through Toledo was intimate and autobiographical for the most part, the EP reflected the transitional time of coming out of it, Laswell explains. With this album, I wanted to do something really big sounding a little bit bigger than I am, really. In a sense, the album was shaped around the fact that 2007 was a difficult and strange year for just about all of my friends and family members.


1. That It Moves
2. The One I Love
3. It’s Been A Year
4. Comes And Goes (In Waves)
5. How The Day Sounds
6. Sweet Dream
7. Days Go On
8. I’d Be Lying
9. Farewell
10. And Then You
11. Not Out

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