Jason Reeves – Patience for the Waiting – EP

Jason Reeves - Patience for the Waiting - EP

专辑名称:Patience for the Waiting – EP
歌手姓名:Jason Reeves
唱片公司:Warner Bros

熟悉美国的流行民谣的朋友应该听说过Jason Reeves这个名字他在06年发行过一张EP
07年签约华纳唱片 发行《The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache and Other Frightening Tales》
这张唱片 让他在民谣界获得极好的口碑 也获得了很多奖项的肯定 更获得了为众多歌手创作的机会
大家熟悉的部落格女孩Colbie Caillat和他是情同兄妹的好朋友 而Coco的《Bubbly》《Realize》也是出于他手
两人不仅私交甚好 在音乐风格上也是非常相近 都是很清新的民谣风格 自然不加修饰
Jason从小学习钢琴 他的所有演出 几乎都是带着一把吉他就从头长到尾的
他的自我介绍里有一句话::“i write music because it feels like breathing. i sing because it is connection.”
音乐是他生活的一部分 但入行这么久 我们并没有听到很多他的唱片
有了新作品 他总会放上网络 或是在Live中和歌迷分享 也许正是为了秉持他的这种态度吧
这张是他的全新EP 11月起在美国数位发行 没有实体唱片 收录6首作品全都是Acoustic
非常舒服的一张 这样的冬天来听太合适了 如这个封面一样 明朗舒适


From the opening track “Someone Somewhere” through the closer “The End”, singer–songwriter Jason Reeves’ wrote the album The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales). Originally available online and at his shows only, the album’s beauty and raw honesty connected with listeners and earned a “Top Folk Album of 2007” distinction from iTunes, which also named Reeves one of the Top Indie Singer-Songwriters of that year. Now signed to Warner Bros. Records, which will widely distribute his album for the first time, Reeves’s own story continues, one that remains as pure as his outlook on life and music as it ever was.[citation needed]

One voice Jason has successfully captured is that of Colbie Caillat, who happened to be the second person he met upon arriving in California. During a recording session with producer Mikal Blue, Reeves met Colbie, (whose father, Ken, is Blue’s studio partner and co-producer of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors) and an immediate friendship began.

The Reeves–Caillat–Blue trio soon became inseparable; writing songs and recording together every chance they had. “Mikal and Colbie were the only people I knew in LA,” Reeves says. “We spent a lot of time together, just going to the beach, the mountains, the woods, playing guitar and writing songs.” The songs, inspired by the beauty of the California Coast, formed the foundation for Reeves’ first EP Hearts Are Magnets, as well as Caillat’s breakthrough (and nearly double-platinum) album Coco, on which Reeves co-wrote the majority of tracks including the multi-format smash singles “Bubbly” and “Realize”.


01. Wishing Weed (Acoustic Version)
02.Skydive (Acoustic Version)
03.Echoes (Acoustic Version)
04.When Life Was Good (Acoustic Version)
05.Careless (Acoustic Version)
06.Everything Is Eventual (Acoustic Version)

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