Josh Hoge – Everything She Was

Josh Hoge - Everything She Was

专辑名称:Everything She Was
歌手姓名:Josh Hoge
唱片公司:Blackledge Music

近期没怎么听到那种一耳就让人很喜欢的流行唱片了 这张还算OK
来自Nashville的Josh Hoge 是那种略显沙哑很有磁性的声音
曲风比较多元 R&B Rock 以及小小的JAZZ元素 在这张都听得到
简介里写的是Pop Tag里的风格填的是Rock 我觉得这张应该算是把Soul的元素广泛的用到流行的旋律中
开场曲《360》应该是那种大多数人第一次听就会喜欢的歌 因为旋律很好 容易流行也很上口
不过个人更偏爱那种编曲简单 更凸显声音的作品 所以这张唱片中我最喜欢的是结束曲《Butch Cassidy》
一首吉他加弦乐编曲 类似Acoustic感觉的歌 另外《Shadow》和《Space》也值得细听


Much like his hometown of Nashville, singer Josh Hoge represents Music City’s competing spirits of tradition and rebellion. Yet, in a town known for the tradition of country music, there’s no denying that rock, pop and soul have all buried their roots into the streets of the city. Spend some time in the neighborhoods and you’ll see, hear and feel the collision of these musical styles. But it’s that very conflict of culture that has helped shape the sound of Josh Hoge – a combination of smooth Southern soul, gritty R&B and a rebellious heart in the tradition of legendary Nashville mavericks.

Ten of the eleven songs on his debut album, Everything She Was, were co-written by Josh who collaborated with some of the industry’s brightest producers. Ne-Yo worked with Josh on “Beautiful Distraction” while One Republic’s Ryan Tedder helped write “Take It Or Leave It.” Nashville-based Ashley Gorley lent his skills to four songs including “Stay Away” and “360.” “360 has such a history with it from being the first song in my deal with Epic to the actual story behind it,” says Hoge. “It’s all about coming back around to things. I wrote it after I left my hometown in Nashville just to follow a girl to Los Angeles only to see that whole thing not work out at all. So it was me driving back to Nashville that helped me come up with the idea for that song.” But the song took on a whole new meaning when Josh landed a record deal with Blackledge Music and Ben Goldman, the man who had jumpstarted his career just a few years earlier at Epic.


1. 360
2. Beautiful Distraction
3. Stay Away
4. Space (feat. Caitlin Crosby)
5. Take It Or Leave It (feat. Marc Broussard)
6. Shadow
7. Keeps Getting Better
8. Addicted
9. Leave
10. Summer Symphony
11. Butch Cassidy

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