Keaton Simons – Can You Hear Me

Keaton Simons - Can You Hear Me

专辑名称:Can You Hear Me
歌手姓名:Keaton Simons

又一个与外型和年龄不符的声音 美国这两年好像这种歌手出一个就火一个 这位也不例外
看专辑介绍上写的是Rock 其实我觉得他的唱腔很Jazz 而且这种声音唱民谣应该也会很好
刚刚26岁的他 被时代周刊称作“年轻的身体里住着老灵魂”这张专辑整体非常的舒服
一把木吉他 加上分明的鼓点 再加上一把沧桑性感的声音 这是专辑中大部分中慢板歌曲的构成
这张专辑整体呈现欢快愉悦的风格 很适合在上下班的路上听 歌曲的节奏给人行走于都市中的感觉
钢琴在这张专辑中出现的很少 只有《Joseph》这首歌中有断续的穿插
尽管用的少 但用到的就是亮点 这首歌是专辑中个人最喜欢的歌曲
如果你喜欢James Morrison、John Mayer这类型的声音 这张不妨试试


Indeed, Can You Hear Me lives up to all expectations. Produced by Dave Bianco, the album mines the classic singer/songwriter traditions spawned by greats like Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, John Hiatt and other artists known for their soulful sway.

Keaton’s tasteful fretwork, masterful songwriting and searing vocals bring an honesty and integrity that’s instantly embracing, a warm emotional center core that reaches from the tangled vulnerability of opening track without Your Skin and the lean, sensual drift of to Me to the spry suggestion of the title track and the playful intrigue of tisfits. Nobody Knows proves instantly infectious, its sinewy rhythms wrapping around an irresistible refrain, while tasterpiece lives up to its title through a suggestive sway certain to put its listeners in a romantic mood. I wanted to get back to honest, straight-forward expression; a purity and dynamic that relied on the strength of the songs and not the added embellishment of the arrangements, Keaton insists. I think this album represents who I am as an artist and captures the sound of my live performances authentically.

As he views his prospects going forward, Keaton maintains his main ambition is to continue to focus on his live performances, and draw more and more fans to his shows. I’ve been doing this awhile, but I believe there’s so much left for me to accomplish, he reflects. There’s no reason to aim low; I have confidence in my abilities and I believe that widespread success is within my grasp. It’s cool to be with a company like CBS that feels the same way and believes in me so strongly. It reinforces my confidence.


1. Without Your Skin
2. Nobody Knows
3. To Me
4. Good Things Get Better
5. Misfits
6. Currently
7. Burch Mog
8. Joseph
9. Mama Song
10. Unstoppable
11. Can You Hear Me

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