Lost In The Trees – All Alone In An Empty House

Lost In The Trees - All Alone In An Empty House

歌手名称:Lost In The Trees
专辑名称:All Alone In An Empty House
音乐风格: Indie / Folk
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lostinthetrees

第一眼看这个封面让人觉得很文艺 很欧洲 事实上 主音的男声Ari Picker来自美国
今天要重点推荐这张专辑 近期听到的专辑中这张是既和我的胃口又难得用心的小品
尽管专辑只有9首歌 尽管并没有以实体CD的形式发行 只是在几个大型的线上音乐发布平台提供下载版本
整张专辑在一种非常舒适的氛围中进行 有两首是类似交响乐团演奏形式的纯音乐作品
一直喜欢弦乐 尤其是有那种不断循环往复同一段旋律又显得很有气氛的作品 有一种优雅有大气的氛围
除了演奏曲以外的7首歌曲也是由这个男声配合吉他和弦乐完成的 这种沧桑的声音一听就是有故事的人
这是一张非常私人的专辑 非常内心的创作 有一种平和的让人安定的力量 最爱就是这样的音乐


Lost in the Trees is the brainchild of Ari Picker, a singer/guitarist from Chapel Hill, NC, who was a member of the B-Sides and, as the group was known in its second configuration, the Never. Picker’s studies at the Berklee College of Music led him to attempt an orchestral effort, and he adopted the moniker Lost in the Trees for the project, releasing an EP, Time Taunts Me, on Trekky Records on March 20, 2007. ~

“Surrounded by rich, orchestral arrangements that vary between gorgeous shimmers and unsettling bursts of shrill fury, [Picker] paints heart-wrenching portraits of a person abandoned by love and family.”
-Shuffle Magazine

“An Arcadian construction of emotional wilderness hemmed by string sections [and] strummed acoustic guitars.”
-The Independent

“Even when considered agianst the slew of releases Trekky Records is unleashing upon listeners this Fall, Lost In The Trees’ new album All Alone In An Empty House is a striking standout.”
-The Daily Tar Heel

“With All Alone, Picker finally finds his voice, fusing elements of Appalachian folk with lush orchestral passages.”
-Shuffle Magazine

“Using folk-based pop songs rife with lush flourishes of orchestral texture an instrumentation as a template, Lost in the Trees creates a dynamic well suited to front-man Ari Picker’s reedy soliloquies.”
-Uptown Magazine

“[All Alone] takes the musical inventiveness displayed on Time Taunts Me and adds the depth of hauntingly personal lyrics and stripped-down, acoustic songs.”
-Southeast Performer

“[Picker’s] most personal album.”
-The Herald Journal


1. All Alone in an Empty House
2. Walk Around the Lake
3. Mvt I Sketch
4. Song for the Painter
5. Fireplace
6. Love on My Side
7. Wooden Walls of this Forest Church
8. Mvt II Sketch
9. For Leah and Chloe

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