Matt Wertz – Under Summer Sun

Matt Wertz - Under Summer Sun

专辑名称:Under Summer Sun
歌手姓名:Matt Wertz
唱片公司:Handwritten/Universal Republic Records

我真不知道是我之前对欧美关注的太少还是最近真的运气特别好 老遇到喜欢的碟
又是一个磁性性感的好声音 听他的歌让我想到John Mayer 有那么一点沙哑
也许因为沙哑所以才显得磁性性感吧 风格还真的蛮难定义的 可以算Pop 因为挺流行的
可以算folk 因为某些歌挺安静的 而且编曲简单 听起来很舒服
也可以算rock 不过也就是轻版的抒情摇滚罢了 健康阳光活力
就和这封套的感觉一样 ORZ 我真的是封套控 最喜欢的就是这种阳光照过侧脸的感觉
专辑中的12首歌 有八首是他去年发行的一张唱片里收录过的 (简介的部分放出了上张的介绍)
因为这样 这张专辑采取了买一送一的战略 并且 购买专辑还可以获赠一张在线下载的7首歌的Acoustic EP
推荐这张 四颗星 原因有10分是因为封套 70分因为音乐 还有20分因为他的外型
所以 要不要下载大家自己决定了 🙂


Matt’s newest album Under Summer Sun includes favs from his last couple of records plus four brand new songs.

With this pre-order, you’ll receive not one but TWO copies of Under Summer Sun – so you’ll have one for a friend!! You’ll also instantly receive “Where We Started” – a digital EP of 7 acoustic songs including 5:19, Everything’s Right and two new songs. And to sweeten the deal even more, shipping is free.


After the self-released Somedays and Twentythree Places, Nashville’s Matt Wertz signed up with a proper label for Everything in Between. On his third full-length, the Missouri-bred troubadour mixes pop, folk, and blues into an easygoing, yet ebullient sound. As he exults on “The Way I Feel,” “Everything inside of me is singin’ out.” You can hear Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and if you listen really closely, even Michael Jackson, circa Off the Wall, in Wertz’s soulful voice (see “Naturally” for proof). Not too surprisingly, Wertz claims all three as influences, along with James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, and Hall & Oates. Interestingly, he also cites the seriously un-cool Doobie Brothers and Toto, but the lack of pretension is refreshing. Aside from “The Way I Feel,” the propulsive “Heartbreaker,” which evokes the Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love,” is another catchy tune that deserves a lot of airplay. The other selections may be less memorable, but there are no real clunkers. Matt Wertz doesn’t have the most original sound and he seems to be rather risk-averse at this point in his career, but the singer/songwriter has an appealing style.


1. Everything’s Right
2. The Way I Feel
3. 5:19
4. Red Meets Blue
5. Carolina
6. I Will Not Take My Love Away
7. Keep Faith
8. Marianne
9. Waiting
10. With You, Tonight
11. Summer Sun
12. Back In June

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  1. 2008/09/15