Miranda Lee Richards – Light Of X

Miranda Lee Richards - Light Of X

专辑名称:Light Of X
歌手姓名:Miranda Lee Richards
唱片公司:Nettwerk Records
专辑风格:Alternative Pop / Rock / Acoustic / Folk

好像Blog很久没出现女声的专辑了 主要现在国外嘻哈太流行 不是Hip-Hop就是R&B 也难得挑出几张喜欢的
不过今天这张是真的很喜欢 清新飘逸的民谣女声Miranda Lee 
她出生于旧金山的艺术家庭 父亲是个漫画家 自己念的也是艺校 不过她毕业后一直住在巴黎 也没怎么接触音乐 
二十七岁回到旧金山后她认识了Metallica主音吉他手Kirk Hammett才开始接触吉他演奏和歌唱训练
她2001年曾经发行过一张《The Herethereafter》专辑 是维京发的
这是她的第二张录音室专辑的数字音乐版本 实体CD将于2月10号发行
很不错的声音 柔而不腻 力道与情感并重 编曲还融入了一些古典音乐的元素 正是我喜欢的型
这个封套拍的也很棒 草地 马 还有被阳光照成金色的Miranda 洋溢着温暖的感觉
大家听听这张 相信会是你们喜欢的声音


Miranda Lee Richards is an American singer-songwriter.

Her 2001 release The Herethereafter included original compositions such as “The Beginner” as well as a cover of The Rolling Stones 1967 single “Dandelion”. Her single “The Long Goodbye” reached into the top five in Japan, and the music video for this song was in heavy rotation on MTV Japan.

Miranda Lee Richards grew up in San Francisco, the daughter of comic book artists Ted and Teresa Richards. She attended a performing arts high school, and then took up modeling after graduation. She moved to Paris to continue her modeling career, and hated it, moving back to San Francisco. She met Kirk Hammett of Metallica through a friend, and he gave her guitar lessons and taught her to play Mazzy Star songs. She recorded some demos in her basement which reached the ears of Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who she joined briefly. After leaving them, she moved to Los Angeles, living in a tent out of a friend’s backyard, while she met the many musicians who would grace her debut.

She has also worked with Joe Firstman, and reportedly will appear on several tracks on an upcoming Tricky release. Miranda has also recently performed with Good Listeners and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Her “musical heroes” include Neil Young, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, Blondie, Mazzy Star, Beck, and Chrissie Hynde. She also enjoys trip-hop bands such as Massive Attack and the DJ culture of beat-making, whose influence is apparent on ‘The Herethereafter’.


01. Breathless
02. Lifeboat
03. Savorin’ Your Smile
04. Hideaway
05. Early November
06. Mirror at the End
07. Hidden Treasure
08. Pictures of You
09. Here by the Window
10. Olive Tree
11. That Baby
12. Last Days of Summer

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