My Favorite Highway – How To Call A Bluff


20080729 My Favorite Highway – How To Call A Bluff

专辑名称:How To Call A Bluff
歌手姓名:My Favorite Highway

首先我得承认这张专辑是因为封套才去听的 已经很久没关注英文专辑了 尤其这张的风格是Rock
我老说自己有恋图痞 所有我收的专辑 一定是在网上找最好的封套封底和内页的图 只要能找到
两张听过的质量差不多的专辑 我一定会更喜欢封套更有特色的那张 这张就正中了我的这个喜好
昨晚论坛的某同学给我推荐英文专辑 我就在前几页随便翻 一看到这个封套就立马下下来了
这T-Shirt看起来很舒服 颜色很暖 昨天不知道那个手势是什么意思 今天有个人告诉我那表示“我爱你”
专辑的风格是近Punk的Rock 对我而言略微有点吵 估计小V会很喜欢
主唱的声音是那种一般意义上的好声音 清晰而富有磁性 特色在于转音处的一点沙哑的感觉
整张的旋律很不错 比较上耳的那种 也很年轻的感觉 大家可以尝试一下


After two years of college Dave Cook was feeling uninspired. He dropped the
books and headed home to Fairfax, Virginia to form My Favorite Highway with
his cousin, Will Cook, in January 2005. The band spent six months writing
their first songs and went into the studio to record a three song EP with
producer Paul Barber in the Summer of 2005. “We wrote a few songs and it just
so happened that everyone seemed to love them. We didn’t know what to expect,
it was like a fortunate accident,” Dave says. With their unique, polished
sound and their “boys next-door” image, My Favorite Highway quickly captured
the heart of their local scene with designs to do the same throughout the
rest of the country.

The band stepped back into studio in the Summer of 2006 to cut five new
tracks with Barber. They released the five track EP, “Anywhere But Here”, in
November 2006. The new EP was received extremely well, selling 3,000+ CDs,
and 60,000+ digital singles to date. After a few line-up changes the band
rounded out to a four-piece. The quartet – Cook, his cousin and bassist Will
Cook, drummer Bobby Morgenthaler and guitarist Pat Jenkins – hit the road in
May 2007 for their first East Coast tour. The band spent the Fall of 2007
writing for their full-length debut, How To Call A Bluff? In March 2008 My
Favorite Highway began recording the new record in their hometown with Paul
producing and engineering. The eleven track full-length is scheduled to be
released on July 22, 2008 and features ten brand new tracks and one old song.
Once the record is released the band plans to tour full-time until they
conquer the world, take over the FM radio waves and win a Grammy.


01. Simple Life
02. Getaway Car
03. Bigger Than Love
04. What Are You Waiting For
05. Say So
06. In My Heart
07. Bittersweet Life
08. Walking On A Wire
09. The Chase
10. Entertain The Pain
11. Steel City


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