My Little Pony – Think Too Much

My Littele Pony - Think Too Much

专辑名称:Think Too Much
歌手姓名:My Little Pony
发行时间: 2008-10-20
专辑类型: Indie Pop

如果是去年发现这张专辑 它现在应该在我的年度总结民谣那块有个位置 又是今天从鸟先生那淘来的
来自挪威的二人组合 男女搭配 但基本是单独演绎每首歌曲 偶尔的几首歌中有女声的合声
这种音乐对我而言基本属于那种听一耳就会爱上的 这次真不是因为封面 尽管封面也的确很简单
编曲太简单了 而且是那种小情小调的惬意 这种音乐如果从路边一个咖啡厅飘出来我一定会立马进去坐下
今晚睡觉又有歌听了 而且可以调和情绪 最近莫名其妙的又进入情绪低落期 失眠频繁
失眠的时候听的都是Tanya Easaon这些 虽然很喜欢但起不到调节心情的作用 越听越睡不着
试试吧 记得以前和朋友聊天他还说北欧那边人都挺纯的 今天这张专辑再次印证了这个论点


It’s not every day that an indie-band release a critically acclaimed debut album without any professional help whatsoever. But 20/10 – 2008 was one of those days. Read the story of My Little Pony here:
My Little Pony is a pretty new band on the friendly Oslo pop scene. Sometimes they play pop, sometimes it’s afrojazz, sometimes it’s bluegrass, and once in a while even reggae, but it is always within the generous framework of the genre known as indiepop.

Allthough having existed for only a year, My Little Pony has allready become an experienced live band playing over 50 shows the past year. Both in Norway, Sweden, and even Spain, where they are the winners of this years Premio Pop-Eye for “European Revelation”.

Their first EP, “Songs in A major”, was released in October 2007 and is available from a lot of record stores. The maxi-single “MacGyver Blues” has only been released as a CD-R, and in a limited edition. The compilation “Around the world with My Little Pony, vol.1” was also released by Spoon Train Audio this spring. It contains one new track from My Little Pony and nine tracks by My Little Pony’s Myspace friends, including bands like Red Pony Clock, Cola Jet Set and Snippet. All titles, the EP, the single and the compilation are available from



1 Skipping Down the Street
2 A Song For You (On Your 40th Birthday)
3 Comic Relief
4 Stars
5 Do You Really Love Me, Or Am I Just In Your Network
6 The Sunshine Goodtime Song
7 I Don’t Know Pt.1
8 I Don’t Know Pt.2
9 West Wing
10 MacGyver Blues

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