Stan Van Samang – Take It From Me

Stan Van Samang - Take It From Me

专辑名称:Take It From Me
歌手姓名:Stan Van Samang
唱片公司:Capitol Records

这年头真是到处是选秀 Stan Van Samang 是比利时某选秀比赛06年的冠军 获胜后签约EMI
这张专辑看封套给人印象应该是摇滚专辑 而且和Daughtry的同名专辑封套出奇的像
这两张的风格也比较接近 都是流行摇滚 好像国外主流唱片公司做出来的商业唱片大体都是这个定位
和上面更新的那张瑞典偶像比起来 这张初听会比较入耳 一张很有力道的专辑
声音浑厚又不失嘹亮 跨度很大 爆发力不错 当然这些主要是通过专辑中的大部分流行摇滚展现出来的
但是个人更偏爱专辑中两首相对安静的歌 一首简单轻松的《Simple Life》
另一首是对唱的有点乡村味道的《Some Of Us》同名歌曲《Take It From Me》也是相对简单的作品
不过国外这类型的歌手太多了 一般都是遇到小组更新就收到了 很难持续关注他们的发展
没有一首代表作的话甚至连名字都很难记住 不过既然遇到了 大家不妨听听 声音是很好的


Stan Van Samang (19 March 1979, Wijgmaal, Leuven) is a Belgian actor and singer.

In 2006, he was discovered as a music talent during the national tv-shows Steracteur Sterartiest (VRT), a show in which actors sang for good purposes. The winner of the shows earned money for that good purpose.

Stan Van Samang won and got a record deal a few weeks later. On March 7, 2007 he made a record deal with EMI Group. He released his debut album “Welcome Home” on Novembre 23, 2007. The album is produced by Eric Melaerts (Clouseau, Soulsister). The hit single “Scars” reached #1 for 5 weeks in the national Ultratop 50. The single was awarded a gold record. He also did a song with Psycho Mc (alias Stefaan Bonte) which created a huge underground buzz.


01. This time
02. Maybe today
03. Breeze
04. I didn’t know
05. Simple life
06. Brand new start
07. Love is
08. Invisible
09. Some of us
10. Second hand lie
11. Caught in the middle
12. Take it from me

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