Travis – The Boy With No Name(JP Version)

Travis - The Boy With No Name(JP Version)

专辑名称:The Boy with No Name(Retail)
唱片公司:ndependiente, Epic
发行日期:May 8, 2007

Travis算是本人最爱的英伦团之一了 喜欢主唱Fran略显慵懒的舒适声音
在他们的专辑中 这张《The Boy With No Name》可算是最喜欢的一张
实在是很好听 以至于找不出特别推荐的曲目 这张专辑真的很适合在这样的季节塞进MP3带上去出游
相信大家对这个乐队和这张专辑一定已经很熟悉 我就不多做介绍了
两年期的专辑 今天又拿出来发是因为前几天刚刚收到了日本版的高音质 有两首Bonus Track
《The Great Unknown》是一首相对偏闹的摇滚 《Perfect Heaven Space》则相对舒缓
吉他钢琴的铺陈 典型的优雅的英伦风 旋律流畅 总觉得这样的音乐如果换了别人 一定没有Fran这般让人着迷


The Boy with No Name is the fifth studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Travis. The album is due for release on May 7, 2007 in the United Kingdom and May 8, 2007 in the United States. “Closer” will be released as the first single from the album in the United Kingdom on April 23, 2007 (see 2007 in British music).

The name of the album came about when lead singer Francis Healy and his partner Nora were deciding on a name for their newly born son. During this time, he sent a photo of his son to friend by email and labeled the photo “The Boy with No Name”. Healy revealed this on the The Chris Moyles Show during an interview. Healy has also revealed in pre-album release performances that some tracks are influenced by his developing family status, such as “My Eyes” being about his new son or “Battleships” referring to ups and downs of relationships.


01.3 Times And You Loose
02.Selfish Jean
04.Big Chair
06.Eyes Wide Open
07.My Eyes
08.One Night
09.Under The Moonlight
10.Out In Space
12.New Amsterdam
13.Sailing Away (Hidden Bonus Track)
14.The Great Unknown(Bonus Track)
15.Perfect Heaven Space(Bonus Track)

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